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Leaf Tea Lounge™️ 2018




At Leaf Tea, we have more to offer than just drinks. Experience our vibrant store with a twist of the latest pop-culture music, as well as our selections of board games whilst sipping on some of your favorite teas. Just sip and chill. 

Freshly made with 2% dairy milk or without, our premium tea infused drinks are mixed with a variety of flavors. 

Explore a new era of bubble tea with our chewy pearls or other toppings.

Fries, waffles, and sweets combined with tea. Something we've always worked on was innovating tea-culture, we're always trying to figure out ways to put tea in our favorite foods.

Leaf Tea was founded on the adoration of the beautiful ritual of drinking tea. 


We put a modern take on an ancient tradition -- designing a more interesting approach to our teas for you to enjoy your own moments. We combined the old ritual with innovation.


For life is an expression, each tea preparation has its individuality. Every leaf has its own personal affinity with water. It has its own method of telling a story. Our unique blends of tea will welcome your mornings, cheer your lunch, amuse your afternoon, and give solace to your midnight.