Three brothers - Harley, Howell, Hubert - founded Leaf Tea in 2016.

It all started during our post secondary years, we loved tea and the bubbles. We used to regularly visit local bubble tea shops, eventually trying most of the ones in the lower mainland and some abroad. After countless visits, we started noticing that many of them lacked in being customer centric, the drinks were good but everything else was okay.

We eventually decided to start our own, that way we could focus on the parts we thought mattered the most when people visited cafes/restaurants, which was the customer experience. 

Our inspiration for our drinks stems from the basic tea taste, with added ingredients, we are able to come up with beautiful layered drinks using high quality ingredients. We source the best Matcha from Japan and pride ourselves for our famous rose drinks.


Innovation was a super important thing in our field of studies, we have always been a student of life, something we stand for is to never stop learning and improving. We continiously improve and innovate our products. Everything from graphic design, art, and recipes.

Hoping to further share our love for tea and bubbles, we brought more of our creative side into our products by implementing artworks through sleeves. Everyone loves art!

Yes, all the artwork is ours, all the design is conceptualized in-house.

Customer service is everything, we pride ourselves on customer service and care about what you have to say. We listen to every review and feedback provided to us. 

Every ounce of criticism is something we use to fuel our improvements, without your opinion we would not be where we are.