We have been listening. We have heard the subtle and faint complaints of our drinks being too bitter, "this is so frickin sweet.", and "i swear this tasted better last time." We do agree. Which is why in 2020, we will be re-vamping our menu to a select few favorites while also revising a number of recipes and improving our tea-making process.


The quality of ingredients will also be improved upon, we will be using more real fruit and reducing the amount of sugar being served.  While this may upset people, our current menu will always be available but tucked away from 2020 on-ward, and vaulted away in our "hidden menu." 

Some things to expect are, different types of sweeteners made in-house, richer tasting tea, and more variance in lactose-free milk.

These changes are expected to be in January. Beforehand, we will be hosting events and tasting nights to hear your opinions.

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