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Leaf Tea Lounge™️ 2018




At Leaf Tea, we have more to offer than just drinks. Experience our vibrant store with a twist of the latest pop-culture music, as well as our selections of board games whilst sipping on some of your favorite teas. Just sip and chill. 

Freshly made with 2% dairy milk or without, our premium tea infused drinks are mixed with a variety of flavors. 

Explore a new era of bubble tea with our chewy pearls or other toppings.

Fries, waffles, and sweets combined with tea. Something we've always worked on was innovating tea-culture, we're always trying to figure out ways to put tea in our favorite foods.


Our teas are sourced from around the globe.


Partnering only with ethical sources that care for our products and for the people who make them.


The lenghty tea tasting leads us to discovery of the finest tea. 


Blended by hand, our classic teas are inspired by the delicious tradition and

our unique blends for curious tea drinkers.