Redeem Points

To redeem points on the app, head to the checkout screen. A redeem box should pop up beside the drink. If it does not, it means you do not have enough points.


To receive offers and promotions, either leave on notifications or sign-up on our mailing list to know the deals of the month.

Apply a discount

Offers on certain days will be applied automatically whether you know about the deal or not. Unless stated otherwise, you do not have to enter any code.

To download either head over to the app store. Search up Leaf Tea, or use the download buttons below.

Got a question?

En-roll to rewards

To en-roll in person, after you make a payment a screen will pop-up asking if you want to join our loyalty program. 

To en-roll on web orders, a tick-box asking for you to join will be found in the checkout screen.

Alternatively, you can sign-up by clicking here.

Redeem Points

To redeem points in-person, let our bobarista know that you have enough points for a reward by providing them your phone number.

Earning Points

You earn points every time you use the card linked to your loyalty account, or whenever you enter your phone number after payment.

Web Orders

If you do not have our app, and a web order is made you will earn points. At checkout, you can redeem a reward.

Check Balance