The Tea Lounge

Our tea lounge is a place to slow down from the haste of our daily lives -- it is a place where we can reflect, and simply rejoice in immersing ourselves in the present moment. 

Our designs are intended to declutter the mind. Evident from our beverage menu, and the way we package our teas -- simple, and clear. Nothing to hide. A break from information overload.

Whether you are brewing tea at home or sipping with friends, our loose leaf teas will delight you. We offer local and imported loose leaf teas, herbal, and fruity blends, and plenty of wine-inspired brews -- delicious cold or hot. 



A Modern Take On An Ancient Tradition


We have chosen not to serve any of our tea drinks using tea bags. Why? It detracts from the experience of tasting tea. Tea as it is. While most tea bags are not hazardous, they prevent from extracting the fullness of tea aromas and flavours. At worst, particles from the composition of the tea bag breaks down with the tea drink.


Instead, we follow an ancient tradition of using strainers: bamboo, or a 20th century invention -- the French press. 


But for those on the go, these methods may not be ideal. So for the new or the modern tea drinkers -- those who are partial to the rules and sophistication of the ritual of drinking tea, we offer another way of serving tea. Enter the 21st century.

In between the two glass crucibles is an Android, touch-screen panel. The perfect brew begins with a touch of a fingertip: filtered water begins to boil and is released inside the crucible -- its temperature determined by the leaves chosen, the heat is exact down to the decimal. Within the steeping period, agitations and pressure pulses dance with the tea leaves inside, breaking the molecular bonds holding the tea leaves together, unleashing its aroma and flavour. For the final extraction, the leaves are vacuumed down a tube -- then, our tea tender releases the brew. First we whiff, then we sip. Great steeping takes time and this machine is engineered to achieve it with exacting precision. Every single time.

Your perfect Matcha.

The Matchaberry. Served with whisked premium grade matcha, fresh strawberries and jellies.

M'oreo. The king of matchas. Blended with milk, ice cream, dusted chocolate Oreo cookies, and our unique matcha mix. 

Matcha Lemonade. The matcha superhero. Prolonged alertness and extremely high in anti-oxidants are just the start of its benefits.